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StealthLock consists of three components: receiver latch, transmitter pad, strike plate
Applications StealthLock logo
StealthLock logo
StealthLock logo
StealthLock logo

Perfect for wood applications
in Education, Healthcare, Office and other areas

StealthLock - receiver latch and transmitter pad

  • Radio frequency technology permits the Transmitter Pad to be stored anywhere, leaving no trace of visible hardware or signs of being secured
  • Allows multiple wood cabinet doors or drawers to be locked from a single transmitter pad within a 15 ft. range
  • Easy to install – takes less than 10 minutes
  • Replaces existing cabinet locks

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Visit http://stealthlock.com or call 847.752.2600 to learn more!
Visit StealthLock.com or call
847-752-2600 to learn more!

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