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CompX Timberline eNewsletter
March 2010

Welcome to the CompX Timberline eNewsletter, your information source for locks, file frame, anti-tip and locking accessories for the wood furniture and cabinet industries.

StealthLock by CompX Timberline

The innovative, new CompX Timberline StealthLock is offered in two versions - standard and dedicated. The two versions allow for use in a wide range of applications, tailoring the StealthLock performance to its required use.

The standard version is the factory default setting of the transmitter pad and allows any transmitter pad to operate any receiver latch. Standard version is recommended for use in closet / residential cabinetry, office furniture or most general standalone cabinetry. All SL-100 StealthLock kits are sold in the standard version.

Office, residential/closet and medical applications of StealthLock by CompX Timberline Locker application of StealthLock by CompX Timberline

The dedicated version is a factory programmed feature that mates a transmitter pad to a receiver latch or latches by way of a unique transmitter ID. The dedicated version prevents unintentional opening/locking of another door or drawer using the same user or supervisor code. Ideally suited for lockers, retail/display or when users are within close proximity of each other. Requires the use of the TP-150 - Dedicated Transmitter Pad.

For information on ordering the innovative, keyless and invisible StealthLock or if you have any questions, contact us at stealthlock@compxwaterloo.net. To view the StealthLock literature, click on the link below:


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