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This is for America Online users with Windows 95.


All internet software doesn't work when signed onto AOL.  The following is a short list of popular internet software. Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator or Communicator, Pointcast, ICQ and Netmeeting.  The most common errors are connection errors.


Install the upgrade for America Online.  If you installed AOL from a diskette, chances are that you install AOL 3.0 for Windows 3.x.  To tell which version of AOL you have, start AOL, click Help and click on About America Online.  This will tell you what version is installed.  You should see "America Online 3.0 for Windows 95".  If you need to upgrade, sign onto AOL and goto Keyword and type in Upgrade.  You can download or order the upgrade.  Once you have installed the upgrade, all internet software should work.

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Follow these links to see some Cool Sites

Site Description
www.tv.com This site reviews web sites and latest technology.
www.gateway-va.com Find information about Virginia.
www.microsoft.com/windows95 Microsoft site for Windows 95.  This site also has updates and patches for Windows 95.
www.windows95.com This site isn't Microsoft owned but still has a lot of great Windows 95 programs.
www.tucows.com A great place to get the latest shareware and freeware programs.
www.download.com Another great place to get the latest shareware and freeware programs.
home.netscape.com Netscape's Home Page
www.pointcast.com Download pointcast and see the ultimate in Push technology.   Pointcast allows you to view news, weather, sports, stocks, and others all from one interface.  Best of all, its FREE.


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