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TANK Commander
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TANK Commander
Product Instructions
Remove existing dust cap OPW 634LPC, OPW 634TT-EVR , Morrison Brothers
305C-0100ACEVR, EBW 777-201-01, EBW 777-201-02 , CNI Mfg. 64, OR EMCO
Wheaton Retail A0097-005 and replace with appropriate TANK Commander dust
cap; CSP1-634LPC, CSP2-1711LPC, CSP3-634LPC or CSP4-1711LPC. Make
sure the handle lever is fully locked and the dust cap seal is engaged.
Annually inspect dust cap seal for nicks, tears or deformations and replace if
necessary. Installation of TANK Commander should not violate any (height)
limitations exhibited in California Air Resources Board Executive Orders VR101-
VR105. If the original Vapor Recovery System installation will not allow correct
installation of TANK Commander then modification to the vapor recovery system
is required (i.e. fill pipe height reduction) to maintain installation requirements.
TuBAR TANK Commander: Insert key into the keyway of the lock on top of the
stainless steel TANK Commander and rotate clockwise to retract locking bolt.
Install stainless steel TANK Commander over the CSP1-634LPC product dust cap
or CSP3-1711LPC vapor dust cap ensuring the lock body mounted in the sleeve
fully engages the brass boss on top of the dust cap. Return the key to the 12
o’clock position and remove. The TANK Commander is now secured to the dust
cap and should rotate freely.
Padlock TANK Commander: Install stainless steel TANK Commander over
dust cap spindle on CSP2-634LPC or CSP4-1711LPC; install padlock shackle
through the spindle hole. Secure TANK Commander by locking the padlock;
product should rotate freely.
To open the lock the first time: set the combination to 0-0-0-0. Depress shackle
and pull open. To set your own combination: (Remember, combination can only
be set when lock is open.) Insert “reset” tool (enclosed) in hole on side of lock.
Push key in and turn key 90˚ in either direction (key automatically stays in this
position). Failure to exert force while pushing key in will result in a failed attempt
to set or reset combination. Set wheels to desired combination. Turn and remove
reset tool. Lock is now set to new combination. Be sure to record your secret
combination. To lock: scamble the wheels and close the shackle. To reopen: dial
your secret number and depress shackle.