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69200 Mail box lock
- 5 pin tumbler
- 90° counter clockwise
- dustshutter
Spring mounting clip
- cl|p may be reversed
for cam clearance
Hex nut
- nut is out of round by design
to meet strength requirements
of USPS L-1172, small socket
and immobilization of cam
critical for install. Nut will feel
cross-threaded, but it is not.
To assemble this lock,
use cam from replacement
unit here
optional slot
for thicker doors
Note: key may not remove
properly if cam is not attached.
This lpck meeés - - - - speci ication L- 7 and
Cyllnder mountlng hole dlmenslons drawing #1003383? for NDCBU
(@9200 works has“) and CBU appllcatlons.
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.635 If needed, USPS approved
mm stainless steel cams are
available from your distributor.
_ Spacers and adhesive washer
— — 9-760 ml" to convert double “D” to new
cutout are available from your