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CompX manufactures a complete line of precision ball bearing slides for use in moving drawers and containers inside office furniture, electromechanical units, and computer related applications. How do i get instagram likes
Precision ball bearing slides are manufactured to stringent industry standards, and can be custom designed in partnership with office furniture OEMs to meet their specific requirements for weight support and ease of movement.
We have numerous patented innovations such as the "Butterfly Take Apart System" which is designed to easily disengage drawers from cabinets, and the "Integrated Slide Lock" which reduces the problem of injuries caused by opening multiple drawers at the same time. CompX products are also being used in the new heavy-duty applications such as tool storage cabinets and electromechanical cabinets.
Our products are utilized in highly engineered applications such as computer network server cabinets where convenient access for hardware upgrades and maintenance is required, while providing stability and protection to critical network system components.