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N4-2000 Cam lock shown with N5-1000-136 collar and M9-7040 straight cam. Chrome plated.


N4-2003 KeSet cam lock shown with M9-7040 cam. One-piece cyliner and collar. For mounting in pockets. Chrome plated.
N4-2010-001 KeSet cyliner for use in pop-out handles accommodating 3/4" diameter cyliners. Tapered end of plug discourages pull-out attempts of cyliner from handle. Spring bolt locks handle to housing. Chrome plated. N4-2006-010 KeSet lock inserts either N4-2005-071 or N4-2006-001 housings. Used for applications requiring security for hidden internal latching. Chrome plated.
N4-2006-001 KeSet plug lock used to convert certain Powe machines. Fits Model 417 All-purpose Merchandiser, Models L 1020 and L 1030 Cold Drink Machines, and Model AKB Coffee Machine. Includes N4-2006-010 lock, N5-1006-102 lock housing and E3-0070-820 assembly screws (3). Chrome plated. Components may be ordered seperately. N4-0805-001 Key. Service key for normal lock useage. Steel, nickel plated.
N4-0806-001 Key. Set key used for combination change. Brass, steel plated for identification. The lock can be changed up to 64 times using only the keys. Tubular Cam Lock, pin tumbler tubular lock. See part numbers P8-1001, P8-1002, P8-1011, P8-1012, P8-1021, P8-1022. Use non-master tubular key blank P9-6623-052.
P8-1050 Pop out pin tumbler tubular lock. For use in pop handles accomodating 3/4" diameter cylinders. Spring bolt locks handle to housing. 7/32" bolt travel . P8-0103 Tubular switch lock. Designed for use with industry standard connectors. Can be utilized as a single pole double throw, or single pole throw application. Please specify when ordering. Rating: 7 amp, 28 VDC, 250 VAC.
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