N4-2003 KeSet cam lock shown with M9-7040 cam. One-piece cylinder and collar. For mounting in pockets. Chrome plated. N4-2010-001 KeSet cylinder for use in pop-out handles accommodating 3/4" diameter cylinders. Tapered end of plug discourages pull-out attempts of cyliner from handle. Spring bolt locks handle to housing. Chrome plated.
N4-2006-010 KeSet lock inserts either N4-2005-071 or N4-2006-001 housings. Used for applications requiring security for hidden internal latching. Chrome plated. N4-2006-001 KeSet plug lock used to convert certain Powe machines. Fits Model 417 All-purpose Merchandiser, Models L 1020 and L 1030 Cold Drink Machines, and Model AKB Coffee Machine. Includes N4-2006-010 lock, N5-1006-102 lock housing and E3-0070-820 assembly screws (3). Chrome plated. Components may be ordered seperately.
M3-3720-011 Dead Bolt housing for 7/8" material half mortise removable lock. Can be keyed numerous ways. M3-3721-012 Spring Bolt housing for 3/4" material half mortise removable lock. Can be keyed numerous ways.
M2-3720-011 Cylinder with trim ring. Key removable in locked position only. 4 Pin tumbler with 850 changes availible. M2-3720
M2-3720-031 4 tumbler cylinder without trim ring. Up to 850 key changes availible.  M2-3727-001 and M2-3726-001. Insertable bolt Drawer Locks- Pin Tumbler.
M3-3726-106. Spacer. M2-3718. The Advantage Plus Dead Bolt Lock.
M2-0721. Knob Locks, Latches and Dummy Knobs- Pin Tumbler.
M4-0728. Knob Locks, Latches and Dummy Knobs- Disc Tumbler L-Handles, Locking and Dummy- available in Pin and Disc Tumbler.
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