Welcome to CompX International Inc.

CompX International is a diversified manufacturer of engineered, quality components providing critical functionality to our customers' products. CompX operates through two business segments: CompX Security Products and CompX Marine.

An industry leader for over 100 years, we invite you to learn more about CompX International and its business units. You will find the components we manufacture all around you providing critical functionality to products that you use every day including locks and related security components utilized in cabinet locks, ignition switches, office furniture, postal boxes, healthcare, vending and gas stations; and gauges, throttles and exhaust systems for recreational boats.

CompX National pin tumbler locks CompX National disc tumbler locks CompX eLock - electronic locks Livorsi Marine Electronic Side Mount Control Custom Marine Gen-X headers

side mount

CompX Timberline door locks Livorsi Marine gauges


electronic locks


pin tumbler

Gen-X headers

disc tumbler

Gas Station Security Program by CompX Security Products Livorsi Marine DTS Controls
Livorsi Marine Adjustable Position LED Indicators Custom Marine stainless steel exhaust kits Custom Marine Small Block E-top Headers
StealthLock by CompX Timberline
ACE II tubular locks by CompX Chicago
CompX National mail box locks, approved by the USPS

tubular locks


mailbox locks

gas station security

DTS throttles

LED indicators

exhaust kits

small block headers