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revolutionizing electronic access control
CompX eLock®
Membrane Keypad
Introducing the first field upgradeable CompX eLock® with
a membrane keypad. Customize the keypad and increase
its security by adding a pod – for magstripe or prox cards.
Theres nothing else like the CompX eLock®
a keyless,
standalone, electronic access control system.

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Prox T
CompX eLock
Magstripe / Prox
& User Cards
RJ11 Extension
Kit, 4”
Be in control with CompX eLock®.
There’s nothing like the CompX eLock®, a keyless, standalone electronic access control lock. The eLock
can be used in many applications — medication & narcotics carts, drug & supply cabinets, key control
boxes, medical & personnel records cabinets — anywhere access control is needed or required.
Since the CompX eLock® is a keyless system, there are no keys to lose or to share. The eLock comes
with 250 user codes, giving up to 250 users an individual access method — PIN (personal identification
number), magstripe ID card, or proximity ID card. The membrane keypad resists common spills.
Use existing identification cards. The CompX eLock® reads magstripe Track 2 and HID® cards, eliminating
the need to buy new cards. Since the eLock has a non-volatile memory, all stored information (users,
supervisors, audit trails, etc.) is safe.
Adding and deleting users can be done right at the unit or through optional LockView® software.
LockView® software
LockView® makes it easy to monitor audit trails for the last 1500 access attempts, manage users
and eLocks, and assign time-based restrictions and dual credential access. Downloading and
uploading information is easy. Simply attach one end of the RJ-11 cable to the back of the CompX
eLock® and the other end to a laptop computer — no need for expensive hardwired systems.
k Add, edit, view and delete users / supervisors and their credentials
k Add, edit and delete CompX eLocks®
k Assign access rights between users / supervisors and CompX eLocks® in the database
k USB connection required
k Download, view, save, print, archive and delete audit trails
k Dual credential access available
k Programmable lockout feature
k Set real time clock
k Time based access restrictions
k Create user groups
k WindowsTM based
m 250 user/supervisor codes
m Flush mounted telephone style (3x4) or
elongated (6x2) membrane keypads available
m Audit trail of last 1500 access attempts
with date, time and user name
m Motor driven latching mechanism
m Battery pack options; Alkaline batteries
recommended; not included
m Audible alarm bolt system
m Standard RJ11 communications port
for audit trail download
m LockView® software
m Power pack (120V or 230V)
m RJ11 / USB converter for LockView®
WindowsTM software
m Embedded Security Data:
q Serial number
q Two reset codes to delete supervisors
and users
q Pass code prevents unauthorized
LockView® use
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Grayslake, IL 60030
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Scale: 50%
3x4 Membrane keypad
cutout template
k No cutouts needed for 6x2 keypad.
k Note: 1.25” x .25” slot is needed to pass
ribbon cable through mounting surface.
k Keypad dimensions: 6” wide by 1.5” high
Recommended cutout for the 3x4 keypad
6x2 membrane keypad
Membrane Keypad
Fully field
Modify the CompX eLock®
membrane keypad for any use.