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Introducing New Postal Locks
New Lock - face
Only mailbox lock to meet and exceed United States
Postal Service specification “USPS-L-1172C”
What does the new specification say?
Lock itself has to withstand 1000 lbs. of force applied
to the cam. Previous specification was 100 lbs.
Old Lock Face
New Lock Face
New Lock - cutout
Will retrofit existing NDCBU’s (Neighborhood Delivery
Collection Box Unit) and CBU’s (Cluster Box Unit)
with “double D” style cut-out
k Only approved mailbox lock to fit new USPS-STD-4C boxes
Old “DD” Cutout
New Cutout
New USPS Locks
What will happen to C8710 – C8735 mailbox locks?
k Will not fit into new Standard 4C boxes
k Will fit into existing Standard 4B & Standard
4B+ boxes
For more info on the new Standard 4C boxes, visit
PO Box 200
Mauldin, SC 29662
Copyright 2005
© CompX Security Products
New USPS Key Blank
k 2 keyways with 1000 changes each
k Part #s: Std. Keyway: D4300; Reverse Keyway: D4301
k old: PO codes (i.e. XXXXPO); new: PS codes (i.e. XXXXPS)
k New key blank to be released in January 2006
Old USPS Key Blank New USPS Key Blank
Part no. D4300
Part no. D4301
1000 - 1999
2000 - 2999
3000 - 3999
4000 - 4999
Key Blank codes:
Reorder #: F2644-015
Old Lock Side
New Lock Side
Old Lock Bottom
New Lock Bottom
C9100, C9200 - features
k Stainless Steel plug
k 12 degree taper on cylinder head
k Now able to accommodate up to 3/16” cam
k Drain holes on the bottom of the cylinder
k Will include spring clip, mounting nut and (3) keys
k C9100 operates clockwise
k C9200 operates counter clockwise
k C9100 will be shipped w/o a cam for replacement
of locks for new Standard 4C boxes shipped only to USPS
k How the lock opens determines key rotation