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Unsecured supply cabinets and lost keys
Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC), a 900-plus-
bed teaching facility located in Loma Linda, CA, realized
that its current access control system on interior doors only
tracked staff that entered a room, but not the supply cabinets
within the room.
Supply cabinet keys were often left in their locks, allowing staff
to access the cabinet contents, therefore not complying with
Joint Commission standards. When not left in the cabinets,
keys were misplaced or lost, causing unnecessary delay when
access to the cabinet contents was needed.
Access control to supply cabinets was part of the problem;
another challenge that faced LLUMC was to update security
on refrigerators and freezers. Most refrigerators and freezers
were secured by padlocks and hasps. The padlocks were not
replaced and locked on a regular basis, therefore allowing
access to anyone. LLUMC needed further restrictions on
employee access to supply cabinets and to simplify securing
refrigerators and freezers.
Cabinet and appliance
security features
Offering keyless entry, CompX eLocks
are an ideal solution for LLUMC –
employees simply present their ID
cards to gain access to the supply
cabinets. Since the CompX eLock
utilizes the same HID Proximity
system as LLUMC’s ID badges, which
must be worn at all times, there is no
delay in accessing cabinets. Since
eLock automatically re-secures the
cabinet, users can quickly access
the cabinet, get what is needed and
then close the door without having to
re-lock it. The same system used on
cabinets is also used on refrigerators
and freezers; the same ID card can
be used.
Allowing specific personnel
access to certain cabinets and
appliances is controlled by
LockView software. LockView
establishes time restrictions
by granting access during
certain times, and the audit
trail feature encourages
investigating discrepancies can
be accomplished quickly.
The use of CompX eLocks
throughout the facility has positively impacted medication
and supply control as well as elevated security at LLUMC.
CompX eLock:
Installation and Implementation
Both cabinet and appliance eLocks are easily installed with
very few modifications necessary. Once installed, the 4-6
AA battery powered eLocks are ready to be programmed
with users and supervisors (dedicated power supply also
CompX eLock helps Loma Linda University Medical Center save money
and comply with strict security standards.
Access Control
Access Control
Ranked one of America’s Best Hospitals by U.S. News Media Group, Loma Linda University
Medical Center is focused on exceptional and visionary excellence in everything it does –
especially in securing and monitoring medications with CompX Network eLock.
“Within the first several
months we realized a
substantial drop in med
inventory requirements
which created a huge
savings for the year.”
— Ken Hendricks,
Supervising Locksmith,
Loma Linda University
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available). Supervisors have the ability to add, delete and edit users
at the unit or through LockView. Once a nurse is programmed to have
access to one or multiple eLocks, presentation of his or her ID card is
all that is required to obtain access.
With over 300 CompX eLocks installed on a variety of applications,
LLUMC predicts that its use of eLocks will expand as Joint Commission
standards, as well as federal and state requirements for securing
medications, become more stringent.
CompX eLock products used at LLUMC
100 Series cabinet and appliance eLocks in keypad only
and keypad/HID reader
◆ Stand alone, no network connectivity
◆ 250 user capability
◆ Uses existing ID badges
◆ 1500 event audit trail with date, time and user name
◆ Cabinet units powered by 4 AA batteries
— External 9-V jump port allows the user, with a valid
credential, to access the eLock when the batteries are
◆ Appliance units powered by 6 AA batteries
◆ Non-volatile memory
◆ LockView 3 for 100 Series eLocks
300 Series network cabinet and appliance, with
temperature monitoring and keypad/HID reader
◆ Connects to existing LLUMC wireless 802.11g infrastructure
◆ 3000 user capability
◆ Uses existing ID badges
◆ 15,000 event audit trail with date, time and user name
◆ Cabinet and appliance units powered by 6 AA batteries
— External 9-V jump port allows the user, with a valid
credential, to access the eLock when the batteries are
◆ Escalating notification system
— Out of temperature range
— Low battery
— Network failure check in
— Door ajar*
— Unauthorized entry*
◆ Records up to 500,000 data points
◆ Monitors internal temperature 100°C to -100°C
* Requires optional door switch
About CompX Security Products
CompX Security Products designs, manufactures and markets high-quality security
products through our domestic network of production facilities. As a market
leader, we provide resources to collaborate with customers from initial product
and application design to manufacturing for both OEM and Distribution channels.
Our resolute adherence to high product quality and exceptional customer service,
along with continuous product improvement and operational efficiency, is the
foundation of our strategy to maintain long term customer relationships.
“We started using CompX eLock because it accepted our new
HID credentials, and now with the network capable eLock, all
communication is done through the network using LockView. We
also had no problem configuring to the network because eLock
uses standard network protocols and it was very easy to install.”
— Etienne Kirkpatrick, Locksmith, LLUMC
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