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revolutionizing electronic access control

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CompX eLock®
refrigerator kits
now available for cold storage!
Be in control with CompX eLock®.
There’s nothing like the CompX eLock®, a keyless, standalone electronic access
control lock for cabinetry. The eLock can be used in many applications — drug
& supply cabinets, key control boxes, medical & personnel records cabinets
anywhere access control is needed or required.
Since the CompX eLock® is a keyless system, there are no keys to lose or to share.
The eLock comes with 250 user codes, giving up to 250 users an individual access
method — PIN (personal identification number), magstripe ID card, or proximity ID card.
Use existing identification cards. The CompX eLock® reads magstripe Track 2
and HID® cards, eliminating the need to buy new cards.
The cabinet CompX eLock® uses 4-AA batteries to activate the gear-driven
spring bolt mechanical latch and is equipped with a “jump start” port. This port,
located on the bottom of the eLock, allows a programmed user or supervisor
to use a 9V battery to access the eLock when the batteries are exhausted.
Since the eLock has a non-volatile memory, all stored information
(users, supervisors, audit trails, etc.) is safe.
Adding and deleting users can be done right at the unit or through
optional LockView® software. For more information about LockView®
software, please see the back page or call CompX Security Products
at 864 297 6655.
CompX eLock® can also be used for interior doors, when
combined with a 12-volt electric strike. Call CompX Security
Products for more information about this option.
The CompX eLock®. . . revolutionizing access control.
The CompX eLock® refrigerator kit provides the same security
and monitoring capabilities as the cabinet eLock.
The kit comes with one of the five CompX eLock® models, a gear-driven
spring bolt mechanical latch (factory installed), and a strike plate. The
kit mounts externally and can be used with refrigerators and freezers
in almost any application — pharmacies, nurses’ stations, research
labs — wherever cold storage access control is needed or required.
As with the cabinet eLock, the CompX eLock® refrigerator kit is a keyless
system. Since the latch is a spring bolt, simply close the door — no need
for cumbersome hasps and padlocks.
Each CompX eLock® comes with 250 user codes, a rolling audit
trail of the last 1500 occurrences, and a “jump start” port. To access
the audit trail, purchase LockView® software, which can be used
interchangeably with any version of CompX eLock®.
Both the 6-AA battery compartment and the RJ-11 port can be
accessed without opening the refrigerator door, enhancing overall
security and ease of use without disturbing the inside temperature.
The strike plate is easily mounted on the top or side of the refrigerator
or freezer and provides a secure latching point for the kit. Detailed
installation instructions are included with each kit.
Together, CompX eLock® and LockView® put you in total control.

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is available in five models:
m 250 user/supervisor codes
m Surface mounted
m Audit trail of last 1500 access attempts with date, time and user name
m Motor driven latching mechanism
m 4-AA battery pack mounts remotely; Alkaline batteries recommended;
not included
m “Jump Start” 9-volt battery power port allows the user, with a valid
credential, to access the CompX eLock® when the batteries are exhausted
m Audible alarm bolt system
m Compatible with 12-volt electric door strikes
m Low battery indicator
m Standard RJ11 communications port for audit trail download
Magstripe Card
Prox Reader
Prox Reader / Keypad
Dual System
Magstripe / Keypad
Dual System
Numeric Keypad
m LockView® software
m Power pack (120V or 230V)
m Dual latch control system
m Through door mounting available – OEM
m RJ11 / USB converter for LockView® WindowsTM software
m Electric Strike
m Embedded Security Data:
q Serial number
q Two reset codes to delete supervisors and users
q Pass code prevents unauthorized LockView® use
AC Adapter
Latch Splitter
HID is a trademark of HID Corporation.
RJ11 Extension Kit 4”
HID® Prox Tag
Magstripe User,
Supervisor Card
LockView® Software
HID® Prox User,
Supervisor Card
* For refrigerator kits only

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Crafting quality products in America since 1903
PO Box 200
Mauldin, SC 29662
Copyright 2006 © CompX Security Products
CompX eLock and Lockview are Registered Trademarks of CompX International
Reorder #: F2644-010
LockView software is sold separately from the CompX eLock. LockView is a Registered
Trademark of CompX International. Windows is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.
Specifications may vary based on user application.
LockView® makes it easy to monitor audit trails for the last 1500 access attempts,
manage users and eLocks, and assign time-based restrictions and dual credential access.
Downloading and uploading information is easy. Simply attach one end of the RJ-11 cable
to the back of the CompX eLock® and the other end to a laptop computer — no need
for expensive hardwired systems.
k Add, edit, view and delete users / supervisors and their credentials
k Add, edit and delete CompX eLocks®
k Assign access rights between users / supervisors and CompX eLocks® in the database
k USB connection required
k Download, view, save, print, archive and delete audit trails
k Dual credential access available
k Programmable lockout feature
k Set real time clock
k Time based access restrictions
k Create user groups
k WindowsTM based
LockView® software