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CompX Security Products – Gas Station Security Program
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PN: GAK-4-1
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PN: GAK-6-1
List Prices
$ 457.92
$ 617.62
Special Kit Price, two minimum
$ 414.88
$ 540.42
Prices effective March 1, 2010
gilbarco aDvantage
security kits
kits include:
Pulser Security Sleeves, Totalizer Security
Covers, upper and lower TuBAR CRIND
Door Locks, TuBAR Skirt Door Locks
◆ Kits provide a single order solution for each
dispenser that needs to be fitted, special kit pricing
brings value
◆ TuBAR locks for CRIND and Skirt doors provide single
key code access for all dispensers at the station
◆ Pulser security sleeves and Totalizer security covers
shroud exterior and interior attack points
◆ CompX can match existing TuBAR key codes
This complete security solution uses the high security
locking capability of CompX TuBAR locks and proven Pulser/
Totalizer protection for maximum security.
Executive Orders
VR-102-J & VR-101-L
first & oNly
cArb APProved
TheF T deTeRRenT deViCe
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