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CompX Security Products
Section 06 41 00.11
cabinet locks, door / drawer locks,
file frame systems, gang locks,
electronic access control locks
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Note: All CompX National, CCL
& Schlage keyway pin tumbler locks
are brass, not die-cast.
The Advantage Plus feature
allows users to remove the cylinder
while the lock remains
in place. No mounting
screws need to be removed.
Simply use a 5/64” Allen wrench
from the back to remove
the lock cylinder for re-keying.
Pin Tumbler Door
& Drawer Locks
Schlage C keyway cabinet locks available
in cylinder sizes of 1 1/8” & 1 3/8” in dead
bolt type for door and drawer applications.
Cabinet locks can be master keyed to door
hardware, providing the convenience
of a single key operation.
Locks are available with cylinder or less
cylinder and will accept Schlage originals
and other manufacturers’ Schlage C
compatible cylinders. Locks are offered
in 26D and 3 finish, six or five pin tumbler.
Spacers available for varying material
thickness. Master keying available.
CCL-R1 keyway pin tumbler door and drawer
locks, dead bolt type, available in cylinder
lengths of: 7/8”, 1 1/8”, 1 3/8.” Spacers
are available for varying material thickness.
Cam style locks also available in same
lengths as CompX National pin tumbler
door and drawer locks.
See below for part numbers.
Deadbolt Locks.
For drawers, right hand and left hand
doors. Surface mounted and requires
57/64” diameter hole for cylinder. Four
or five pin tumbler available in 26D, 4,
& 4G finish. Master keying by request.
ANSI/BHMA designation.
E07121 for cabinet door application
E07041 for cabinet drawer application
CompX National Drawer part numbers.
C8178 – material thickness to 7/8”
C8177 – material thickness to 1 1/8”
C8179 – material thickness to 1 3/8”
CompX National Doors part numbers.
C8173 – material thickness to 7/8”
C8174 – material thickness to 1 1/8”
C8175 – material thickness to 1 3/8”
Cam Locks.
For drawer, right hand or left hand.
Surface mounted and requires 57/64”
diameter hole for cylinder. Cam style with
90° turn. Four or five pin available in 26D,
4, & 4G finish. Master keying available.
ANSI/BHMA designation.
E07301 for drawer, E07321 for door.
CompX National part numbers.
C8183 – door, material thickness to 7/8”
C8188 – drawer, material thickness to 1 3/8”
Finish codes.
3 – Bright brass
4 – Satin brass
4G – Antique brass
26D – Dull chrome
For drawer, right hand and left hand
doors. 90° cam turn, for overlay application,
the combined thickness of front and frame
cannot exceed the cylinder length. Four
or five pin available in 26D, 4, & 4G
finish. Master keying available.
ANSI/BHMA designation.
E07261 for cabinet drawer, RH and LH doors.
CompX National Drawer part numbers.
For flush mount
C8102 – material thickness to 3/4”
C8106 – material thickness to 1 1/8”
C8108 – material thickness to 1 3/8”
For lipped / overlay mount
C8101– for material thickness to 5/8”
C8103 – for material thickness to 7/8”
C8109 – for material thickness to 1 1/2”
Plunger style bolt action for sliding
wood doors and requires 7/8” diameter
mounting hole. Four or five pin available
in 26D, 4 finish. Master keying available.
ANSI/BHMA designation.
CompX National part numbers.
C8142 – cylinder length 1 1/8”
C8143 – cylinder length 1 3/8”
ANSI/BHMA designation.
E07191, for sliding glass door
CompX National Part number.
C8140, in 26D finish only – ratchet type
grips inner bypassing sliding glass door,
lock case blocks outer door.
Schlage C
& CCL R-1 keyways
Pin Tumbler Cylinder Cam Locks,
Sliding Glass/Wood Door Locks
All locks with this symbol feature
the Advantage Plus system.

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06 41 00.11/COM
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CompX Timberline
locks are available
in these finishes:
CompX Timberline
is a manufacturer of locks and
locking systems for wood furniture.
In our Illinois facility, we manufacture
cam and deadbolt locks, gang locks,
central locking and anti-tip interlock
systems. Most locks operate in 3/4”
thick material, with one exception,
the CB-170 adjustable barrel lock,
which was designed to mount in
material from 7/8” to 1-3/8” thick.
Our five disc tumbler
lock core will fit into every
Timberline lock, allowing
multiple systems to
be keyed alike.
All Timberline locks comply
with ANSI/BIFMA standards
X5.2-1997, X5.3-1997
& X5.5-1998 when installed
in properly designed cabinets.
Two styles with multiple deadbolt profiles
are available. These locks require a 16.5 mm
diameter hole and can be mounted either
vertically or horizontally in 3⁄4” material. They
feature attractive but tough nylon housing.
Our Double Door Type 250 Lock can lock
both doors without the use of a spring catch.
Cam Locks
Most cam locks are available with either
90° or 180° rotation. They are available in
both vertical and horizontal mounts, requiring
a 16.5 mm diameter hole and mounting
in 3⁄4” thick material.
Cams change easily, with the use of the
TL-100, a tool available exclusively from
CompX Timberline.
Please note: CompX Timberline cam locks
must be installed so that they lock in the
counterclockwise position.
The Thick Panel Lock, Type 170, comes
packaged with two different cams which can
be assembled to the lock in three orientations.
This offers sufficient flexibility to adapt to
most locking situations.
The mounting flange adjusts to allow lock to
be mounted in panels from 7/8” thick up to 1
3/8” thick. This lock also requires a 16.5 mm
diameter hole and allows a 90° rotation only.
Gang Locks
Gang locks allow for the locking of multiple
drawers within one piece of furniture. CompX
Timberline offers many variations of gang
locks, mainly differing in the position of the
gang lock, which can be mounted either in
the drawer front, fixed rail or on the side.
These systems install easily and fit a wide
variety of case designs.
CompX Timberline makes glass door locks
in two styles:
k Bore Through
k Compression Mount
Bore Through style locks
are made for swing style doors. They
mount in glass doors up to 3/8” thick,
either vertically or horizontally. Cam must
rotate counterclockwise to lock. A cap is
attached to give a finished appearance.
A nut washer is hand-tightened to fasten
cylinder body to glass. A 7/8” diameter hole
is bored in glass, centered 7/8” from edge.
Compression Mount style locks
are non-bore glass door locks. Fully
cushioned to avoid glass damage, these
locks mount in glass doors 1⁄4” to 5/16”
thick, either vertically or horizontally. The
lock slips onto the edge of glass doors
at any location, with no boring required.
All CompX Timberline glass door locks are
available in three lock plug finishes: Bright
Nickel, Bright Brass and Satin Nickel.
Wardrobe Locks
Featuring a full 1⁄ 2” lockbar throw,
CompX Timberline’s wardrobe locks
only need machining for a 16.5 mm
lock hole. They can mount either
vertically or horizontally.
Available for desk files, deep files and lateral
files. The attractive black finish allows files to
slide smoothly and its durable design handles
heavy loads. Interlocking components allow
easy installation and remove the possibility
of file rail pull out.
File Frame
Deadbolt Locks
Glass Door Locks

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CompX eLock® models
About eLocks
CompX eLock® is a highly engineered lock
with a motor-driven latch. Its uncompromising
lock control electronics include a non-volatile
memory that stores 250 user / supervisor
codes and audit trail.
Designated supervisor(s) can add or delete
users either at the eLock or using optional
LockView® software. LockView® allows users
to download the last 1500 access attempts
and to maintain overall eLock management.
Totally Secure Operation.
When a valid credential is detected, the green
LED illuminates, the locking mechanism opens
and there is a positive confirmation beep. If
an invalid credential is entered, the red LED
illuminates, and there is a negative beep.
k Power pack (120V or 230V)
k Dual latch control system
k Through door mounting available
k Electric strike
The eLock can be mounted on:
k Cabinet doors & drawers
k Medical carts, patient files
k Hospital or pharmacy refrigerators
and freezers
About eLock models
Keypad CompX eLocks®
k Numeric keypad with variable length PIN
k Bevel is provided with keys numbered
0-9,*, #. Numbers are silk screened
onto user-friendly buttons.
k Keypad uses carbon contacts to assure
reliability and increased durability
Magstripe Card CompX eLocks®
k Can program many existing magstripe
cards I.D.s currently in use
k Compatible with all “Track 2” style cards
k The lock can use magnetic stripe cards
k Simple operation with a swipe of a card
Proximity Card CompX eLocks®
k Can program many existing proximity
cards I.D.s currently in use
k Uses standard HID® proximity cards
k Non-contact proximity based system;
just wave the card in front of the lock
k Approximately 1 inch card read range
k Blank and custom HID® cards available
Numeric Keypad.
Provides authorization with a PIN code
of variable length.
EL-KP-CAB (replaces part #: EL-2004-KP)
Magstripe Card.
Designed for secure confirmations
with existing mag stripe cards, including
credit cards.
EL-MS-CAB (replaces part #: EL-2004-MS)
Magstripe/Keypad Dual System.
Mag card reader and numeric keypad
for dual control.
EL-MSKP-CAB (replaces part #: EL-2004-MSKP)
Prox Reader.
Just wave the card and enter.
EL-PR-CAB (replaces part #: EL-2004-PR)
Prox Reader/Keypad Dual System.
Prox card reader and numeric keypad
for dual control.
EL-PRKP-CAB (replaces part #: EL-2004-PRKP)
LockView® Software
k WindowsTM based
k Download, view, save, print, archive
and delete audit trails
k Add, edit, view and delete users
or supervisors and their credentials
k Assign access rights between users
or supervisors and CompX eLocks®
k Time-based access restrictions
k Create user groups
k Dual credential access available
k Add, edit and delete CompX eLocks®
k Set real time clock
k RJ11 / USB converter included
Custom OEM applications
available. For more information about
OEM options, call 864.297.6655
or visit
CompX National
PO Box 200
Mauldin, SC 29662
864.297.6655 phone
864.297.9987 fax
CompX Timberline
715 Center Street
Grayslake, IL 60030
847.752.2600 phone
847.752.2420 fax
Registered to:
ISO 9001:2000
A2695, A10010
Reorder #: F2644-012
Copyright 2007 © CompX Security Products
CompX eLock and Lockview are Registered Trademarks of CompX International