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StealthLock®, Keyless Invisible Security
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SL-150 Preprogrammed Kit - How to Order
StealthLock® is ordered in kits according to the number of openings that need to be locked, the
operational mode desired, the user code, and the supervisor code. These kits come completely
programmed and ready for installation. Please note that each kit contains a Transmitter Pad that will only
operate the Receiver Latches packaged together with it in the kit.
Order StealthLock
Kits using the following part number:
This kit would contain one Transmitter Pad and six Receiver Latches
The Receiver Latch would be in Self Lock mode
User code would be 1234 and supervisor code would be 555555
Kit For 1 Opening
Kit For 3 Openings
Number of Openings Controlled by the Transmitter Pad
01 – One Opening
02 – Two Openings
Mode of Operation
00 - Passage
01 – Self Lock
02 – Single Use
Desired User Code
4 to 8 Digits in Length
Desired Supervisor Code
4 to 8 Digits in Length