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iExample Implementation

The following hypothetical examples illustrate how you can apply ILS to a large Internet service provider, a special Internet community, and a large corporation to facilitate online conferencing.


Example 1: Jockey Connection

Jockey Connection, an exclusive online community of horse riders and enthusiasts, maintains a Web site for their community to share information. People go there to find information about horses and to meet people who share their interests. As a virtual community with no geographical boundaries, Jockey Connection enlists members from all over the world.

Sometimes members want to meet for real-time communications. An online search page shows everyone online, as well as users grouped by a specific area of interest. One frame of each Web page lists other users who are viewing that page and provides a link to send an instant message to the user.


Example 2: Wobble Corporation

The Wobble Corporation maintains offices all over the world. To facilitate interaction among employees in all regions, Wobble has adopted Microsoft NetMeeting as its conferencing platform. Wobble has set up an ILS server to provide Internet location services through ILS to its employees. Because the ILS server keeps track of the Internet address of each employee who is online, NetMeeting can easily map between an employee’s name and IP address, which facilitates creating online virtual meetings and communities.

When they arrive at the office for the day, employees can register their NetMeeting client program with the ILS server. Then, using NetMeeting or a Web browser, other employees can query the server to determine whether certain coworkers are online and ready for a conference call. Seeing that coworkers are indeed available, employees can use NetMeeting to invite their coworkers to a virtual meeting, work on a shared document, or start an online conversation.

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