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How to Use This Document

The guide is written for a wide audience, from individual content providers running single Web servers, to an MIS department operating a Web farm. Familiarity with Microsoft Windows® NT® Server version 4.0 or later and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) Web server software is assumed.

The following topics are covered:

Chapter 1 Introducing Internet Locator Server

Previews ILS, discusses the purpose of ILS, and gives a brief overview of its functionality.

Chapter 2 ILS Fundamentals

Describes how ILS works, including in-depth technical details about the external and internal architecture.

Chapter 3 Setting Up ILS

Explains how to install and configure the system.

Chapter 4 Operating ILS

Discusses how to operate and maintain ILS software, including system monitoring, server maintenance, and troubleshooting tasks.

Chapter 5 Operations Planning

Describes ways to improve the overall quality, security, and performance of ILS.

Note   iiFor more information about using or administering Microsoft Windows NT Server and Microsoft Internet Information Server, see the Microsoft Windows NT Server documentation, the Microsoft Windows NT Resource Kit documentation, or the Microsoft Internet Information Server documentation.

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