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Welcome to the Internet Locator Server Web Page Author's Guide. The Internet Locator Server (ILS) allows people to find others who are online. ILS provides the active™ server component that allows people online at your Web site who have a real-time communication application to easily find each other.

ILS resides on a Web server and is accessed by Web pages using server scripts.

How to Use This Document

This document provides an overview of ILS and instructions for Web page authors who create the pages that use ILS. A separate document set, the Internet Location Server Operations Guide and Operations Reference, are provided for the operations staff who install the software on the various servers and administer a running system.

The following topics are covered:

Chapter 1 Introducing ILS

Previews ILS, discussing the purpose of the product, what it does, and how it might be used.

Chapter 2 The ILS RAM Database

Describes all the attributes of the ILS RAM database.

Chapter 3 Using the ILS ActiveX Server Component on Active Server Pages

Explains how server scripts are used to access the ILS ActiveX server component.

Chapter 4 Writing Web Pages to Access ILS Entries

Describes the process, explains the methods, and provides examples of searching for online users.

Chapter 5 Using the Templates

Provides a tour of the templates provided with ILS, and information on how to modify them for use at your site.


Software Requirements

To write Web pages using the ILS ActiveX server component, you must have the following software installed on a computer running Microsoft® Windows NT® Server version 4.0.

You will also need to have full access to a folder located on this computer. This folder must have read and execute permissions set with the Internet Information Server.

Some examples in this document illustrate the use of ILS with two other Microsoft Internet products:

Information Requirements

You'll need to know the following information about how ILS will be used at your site:


Additional Documentation

The following documentation will be useful for you to use when creating Web pages using ILS:

If your pages will use Microsoft Membership System authentication, the following documentation will be useful:



The following text formats are used throughout this document.




Indicates the actual commands, words, or characters that you type in a dialog box or at the command prompt.

Also indicates the names of keywords and methods.


Indicates a placeholder for information or parameters that you must provide. For example, if the procedure asks you to type filename, you must type the actual name of a file.

[ item-list ]

In syntax, items inside square brackets are optional


Words in all capital letters indicate variable names used as constants as well as data types when referring to programming code.


Represents examples of screen text or entries that you might type at the command line or in initialization files.

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