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Internet Locator Server (ILS)

Internet Locator Server (ILS) gives Internet Service Providers and Web site managers the ability to increase communication between people visiting a Web site. ILS stores information about each person, including their IP address, making it easy for people who are online at your site to find each other.

ILS supports Microsoft's real-time application sharing and telephony software, Microsoft NetMeeting. The NetMeeting client is available for free with the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. In addition, ILS works well with Intel® Internet Phone to enable online communication.

For further information on how to configure your ILS server and write Web pages using ILS, see the online documentation. For the most current information, look in the readme file.

For ideas and samples to help you get started, explore the sample templates.

To verify that ILS is installed correctly, use the Installation Verification page to create a new listing, search for the listing, and delete the listing you created.

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