CompX Fort History

CompX Fort, formerly known as Fort Lock Corporation was formed in 1955 under a partnership agreement with Dominion Lock in Canada. Initially, CompX Fort performed assembly work for Dominion Lock and later began to develop and manufacture its own products under the name of Fort Lock. On March 3, 1998, Fort Lock was acquired by CompX International, Inc., which is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (CIX). On July 23, 2001 CompX Fort became a registered ISO 9001company. On July 23, 2003 CompX Fort has been recommended for ISO 9000:2001 registration.
Over the years, CompX Fort has migrated from a manufacturer of a generic product to a leading “JIT” manufacturer of highly engineered mechanical and electronic locks for original equipment manufacturers. Today, CompX Fort is a vertically integrated operation having the capacity to build its own tools, assembly fixtures and automation machinery, helping to ensure that final products not only meet but exceed the original design specification. Primary parts are produced by CompX Fort’s 4-slide and conventional zinc die cast machines and horizontal and vertical plastic injection molding machines.

CompX Fort Plant

River Grove, IL

Dedicated machine centers manufacture customer parts for specific customers. Giuliani equipment automatically mills, combinates, numbers, and rings keys. A secondary operations department performs such operations such as: polishing, tapping, tubular key assembly and machining, and the overmolding of flat and tubular keys.
All of these parts eventually are forwarded to the assembly operation where springs, pins, tumblers and keys are assembled into plug-tumbler assemblies. These assemblies are then brought together with shells, stop plates, cams and fasteners to create customized locks. In addition, custom retail packaging is used for those accounts who desire direct shipment to retail distribution.
Over the years, CompX Fort has focused on production improvements and cost reductions. More specifically, through continuous improvement by means of continual engineering and improved methodology, CompX Fort has been able to reduce product costs through automation and refinement of the production process. CompX Fort is committed to integrating people, processes, equipment and systems to offer an optimal solution to each individual customer’s unique requirements.
CompX Fort’s locking technologies include single-bitted wafer tumbler and double-bitted wafer tumbler. In addition to CompX Fort’s wafer tumbler technology, we manufacture round key pin tumbler locks in standard 7-pin tumbler “Tubular” lock construction. All of these locks are available in cam, switch, cabinet, drawer, showcase, and special purpose locks.
CompX Fort has also developed electronic locking devices and ignition switches which it currently sells to OEM manufacturers. CompX Fort’s expertise in the mechanical lock industry, coupled with its association with electronic and electro-mechanical engineering, offers a unique and complimentary combination which assures the requirements of many new lock applications.

CompX Fort is a world-class manufacturer of cam, specialty, switch, and electronic locks for original equipment manufacturers which is able to meet the current and future needs of its customers.



CompX Fort: 3000 N. River Road, River Grove. IL 60171; Phone: 708.456.1100; Fax: 708.456.9476