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Basketball.avi This deserves the three points that were attempted by the player
temper.mpg What you feel like doing a the end of the day
24hmans.mpeg A race car out of control
Rrrrip.mpe A commercial by smart beep
bad_luck.mpeg This was created - it didn't really happen!
boat5(1).mpeg This guy needs to learn how to walk
branded.mpeg This will make you hurt
Fußballfan.mpg Someone was upset
plane.avi A jet out of control
snomobile.avi This had to hurt
Bowling.mpe An FOX/NHL Commercial - If Bowling was a contact sport.
Waasszzu.mpg A Bud commercial A Bud commercial - QuickTime version.  Download QuickTime here.
Car_Wash.mpg Car Wash
fiat5.mpg I'll show you.
concensus.wav This is our conclusion of the Convergys system, RMS system and the empower system software.
WindowFX Add a little spice to your Windows 2000 Desktop!
Grandma.mpg Grandma's version of wassup.
Dilbert.jpg IT support
salmon.asf If bears could fight.
pro_bike.mpeg Motorcross - Just watch
Help Desk Funnies Sent in by Jennifer.

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