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CompX eLock®
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Network Fridge eLock, Network Cabinet eLock, StealthLock transmitter pad and receiver latch


Temperature Monitoring

Device with Access Control

For use on refrigerators, freezers, ultra low temperature freezers and warmers.

  • Eliminates manual temperature logging
  • Prevents human error
  • Automatically records temperature at programmed intervals
  • Data history is archived and easily accessible
  • Escalating notification system sends alerts via email



Cabinet Lock

Access control monitoring for cabinets and other interior doors or drawers.

  • 15,000 event audit trail
  • Escalating notification system sends alerts via email

1st Keyless, Invisible

Cabinet Locking System

Perfect for wood applications in Healthcare, Office and Education areas

  • Radio frequency technology permits the Transmitter Pad to be stored anywhere, leaving no trace of visible hardware or signs of being secured
  • Allows multiple wood cabinet doors or drawers to be locked from a single transmitter pad within a 15 ft. range
  • Individually addressable doors and drawers with unique user and supervisor codes
  • Easy to install – takes less than 10 minutes
  • Self-locking, passage or single-use modes of operation
  • For new or retrofit installations

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