Corporate Profile

CompX International Inc. (NYSE:CIX) is a leading manufacturer of:

  • Locking systems for a wide variety of applications, including computers,office furniture and cabinetry, vending machines, postal boxes, and motorcycles, among many other applications.
  • Precision ball bearing slides for office furniture and electromechanical storage
  • Ergonomic computer support systems

CompX products are principally designed for use in medium to high-end applications,where product design,quality, and durability are critical to our customers.

CompX International Inc. completed its initial Public Offering in March 1998,and is listed in the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "CIX." CompX International Inc. is one of the largest producers in the world of each of its product lines. Currently, the company has three operating units:

CompX Security Products, which includes the CompX National, CompX Fort, CompX Timberline, and CompX Chicago brand names.
CompX Precision Slides, which includes CompX Waterloo, CompX Dynaslide and Thomas Regout.

CompX Ergonomic Accessories, which includes CompX Waterloo.


CompX International's vertically integrated manufacturing operations, investments in automation for high volume products and innovative product designs have helped the company to maintain operating margins of more than 20% for more than a decade. Management is focused on remaining the industry's low cost producer.