About Thomas Regout

Thomas Regout has for a long time profiled itself as a systems supplier of high-quality telescopic (drawer) slides for a wide range of applications. We consider it a constant challenge to find tailor-made solutions for specific client demands in the fields of efficiency improvements, ergonomics, load capacity, production speed, or assembly time. Involving Thomas Regout in new product developments at an early stage enables us to anticipate the required demands more effectively.
To maintain a very close contact with our customers Thomas Regout has appointed agents in several countries who are able to communicate with our clients on a daily basis if needed, and using the same language, thus making Thomas Regout your partner in every respect. Product development remains a priority at Thomas Regout. Our development efforts have introduced not only new types of slides and products, but also various mounting methods and locking systems. For the development of new products, or customer specific projects, we have a specialized department that can create prototypes for examination and inspection. Our engineering associates are fully versed in the latest technologies, from design through manufacturing processes. We utilize 3D Pro-Engineer CAD software to produce drawings and designs. This enables us to create drawings and products rapidly.

Our view of product development is directed primarily at adapting to our customer's problem or particular needs. If this cannot be achieved by applying existing products and product solutions, we will work with you to design and produce a new product. From the initial drawings to the production of the first prototype, the emphasis is on intensive communication and consultation.

Superior know-how, advanced tool technology and an orientation to the customer's needs form the basis for our specialized expertise resulting in a solution made for and in collaboration with you. Achieving perfect results starts with the proper tools. Our own tool shop, using CNC-controlled equipment, produces the rolling tools and dies that are needed for production.

The highly accurate production methods, achieving tolerances within hundredths of millimeters, guarantees a permanent high quality level for each tool. Various standard profiles are rolled from coil. The profiles are cut to length and undergo several tooling processes, including die-cutting of lances, punching holes or welding of brackets that are often manufactured in-house.

Any components that are not made from pre-galvanized material are subsequently subject to a surface treatment process consisting of the application of a galvanized or painted layer.
At integrated workplaces and computerized assembly lines the various components, such as rubbers, ball cages and profiles are assembled into final products, which may undergo a last quality check before being packed. Products may be packaged in large or small boxes, at the customer's discretion (if necessary, paired in shrink foil) or in glitter boxes.


Thomas Regout: Industrieweg 40, 6219 NR Maastricht, The Netherlands; Phone: +31.(0)43.3516666; Fax: +31.(0)43.3516699