About National

National Cabinet Lock, now known as CompX National, has designed and produced locks since 1903. We have a broad line of pin tumbler products to provide security required for complicated key schedules. Disc tumbler locks are available at a lower cost and are used for more simple keying requirements. Our high security KeSet system provides protection for money held in vending or gaming equipment.

National's experience in OEM lock manufacturing began in 1903 when we responded to the need that developed for furniture cabinet locks. Over the years, operating from facilities in Rockford, Illinois, we amassed invaluable experience and many friends in the industry, and we envisioned a totally new plant to better serve the market.

Our Mauldin, South Carolina plant,located a few minutes from Greenville, is a special plant. It is engineered specifically and solely for the designing and manufacturing of OEM locks and security products.

We believe it to be the most efficient facility in the industry. It is a modern plant, representing state of the art lock manufacturing.

The plating operation, for example, was engineered specifically for the plating of lock parts. The 30,000 square foot department is completely computer-controlled to assure consistent high quality plating, regardless of variation in part configuration.

Throughout the plant, movement of materials and parts in process is in accordance with a highly automated master-flow plan, designed to minimize turnaround time for your order.

Utilizing many unique automated machines, the plant is a picture of quality control. Precision facing operations on lock cylinders are performed automatically ...automated key groovers perform quickly and efficiently ...preprogrammed disc plug loaders automatically assemble the exact number of plugs your order requires.

Many of the types of products manufactured in our new facility are described throughout our website...disc tumbler locks, furniture locks, and more.

For your special needs, we design and manufacture locks and locking devices to your specifications. You may need a totally new form of lock. Perhaps, your "special" lock can be adapted from one of our many standards. Or, perhaps our design engineers on staff can show how minor modifications to your specs can result in significant cost savings to you.

In any case, if your need is for locks, you are invited to become one of those special people from whom our special plant was built: our customers.

CompX National engineers have complete software capabilities to support product and process to ensure customers get the right product, meeting or exceeding quality and delivery expectations, at competitive pricing.

The high level of engineering involvement:

  • Encourages PARTNERSHIP
    • with Customers
    • with Suppliers
    • with other CompX operations
    • through Innovative Design
    • through Product Consolidations
    • through Collaborative Engineering
  • Provides support for
    • customization of standard products
    • design of entirely new concepts


CompX National: 200 Old Mill Road; Mauldin, SC, 29662; Phone: 864.297.6655; Fax: 864.297.9987