About CompX Dynaslide

The Dynaslide Corporation was established in 1986. The company was then acquired by CompX International Inc. in 1999. Under the CompX organization, CompX Dynaslide is a leading manufacturer of precision ball bearing slides in Taiwan.

Our slides are used in such applications such as office furniture, residential furniture, medical equipment, cash drawers, vending machines, tool boxes, electronic racks, store fixtures, and many more.

We have many different kinds of ball bearing drawer slides such as full

extension, 3/4 expansion, pocket doors,keyboard trays, center drawers, heavy duty, mini, as well as numerous others.






CompX Dynaslide: No.20-1, Ting Tien Liao, Hsing Hwa Tien, Tamshui Town, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.; Phone: 866.2.2622.9191; Fax: 866.2.2623.8672